Thursday, December 9, 2010

Name Change!!!

I decided that Thursdays are going to become WIP days. You know, days to tell you about the WIP and what Kealie and I are working on. Keep in mind it's a little slow going, but it's going.

Anyway, my current work in progress is my boys. Yes, River and Tory. You met River in Yes, My Love and Somewhere In Time. Well, he's not done. But this time he and Tory are intent on making a go as a couple. Tory has done more talking to me and River's done a lot more shushing. Brat. Anyway, I hope to have the story done in early 2011 (like late January). We'll see. They've informed me the title will be Permanent. I like it.

I'm also working on a vampire story. Not shocked are you? I wouldn't be. He's a Dom and a vampire. She's been abused, but she also holds a secret. To add to the tension, someone wants her dead. I'm *hoping* to have this one done March-ish. According to Tristan, my hero, the title will be Need You Now. I'm intrigued.

Kealie and I are working hard on our stories as well and well, those should be ready sometime in 2011. That's the plan anyway. Keep your eyes open.

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