Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrift Thursday

If you're like me, you like saving a tick of cash. I mean, if you can make it stretch, why not? So, my suggestion for this new theme? You probably do it already, but some of us are well...challenged.

When it comes to buying ebooks, I am a cover whore. Oh yeah. I've bought some really crappy books because the cover drew me in. Thought the blurb had promise. Boy was I wrong. I've also passed on some books because the cover was IMHO awful. And yes, there are some truly bad covers.

So what do I suggest to help streamline? Go to review sites. Sure. Read the reviews on the books. Some people love those books with the hideous covers and you might find you do, too. Remember, reviews are opinions, so those will vary widely. I read one review where the reviewer slammed the book. Next review? Glowing. :)

Where are some? Glad you asked.

Whipped Cream Reviews

Dark Divas Reviews

Talking Two Lips Reviews

Night Owl Reviews

Manic Readers

Now go forth and read!

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