Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun Part Six

“Wow, Jerusha sure knows how to throw a party! Don’t you think?”

The loud voice at her ear made Siobhan jump and spin to confront her friend, Wanda. The tall, slender woman arched back out of the way, barely avoiding the leading edge of one of Siobhan’s black, bat-like wings.

“Hey, watch it. You could take someone’s eyes out with those things.” Wanda glared playfully at Siobhan.

In return Siobhan grinned and continued to dance among the crush of people on the dance floor. She looked around at the many and varied costumes throughout the room and felt her smile widen. She loved this time of year. Whoever all these people were, they had great imagination when it came to costumes. She chuckled as a woman dressed as Little Bo Peep pulled a hulking man dressed as a sheep along behind her by a pink ribbon. He didn’t look like he minded too much… he was too busy trying to get his hands up her ruffled skirt. A couple dressed as those blue-skinned aliens from that popular science fiction movie danced by. Yet again, the guy had his hands all over the girl.

Siobhan sighed as the music changed from a hard pounding rhythm to a slow and sultry number designed to seduce. People paired off, and she was left standing alone in the middle of them. A couple dressed like those people from Oktoberfest in brown and green lederhosen brushed past her. Cute. They were so wrapped up in each other, it made her jealous. Everyone had someone. Everyone but her.

Her shoulders slumped and her wings drooped along her arms. Heaving another sigh she pushed through the dancers around her and tried to make her way to the edge of the crowd. She was distracted by a couple that were pretty much going at it on the floor. The woman’s leg was wrapped around the man’s thigh and his hips bumped and ground against hers to the beat of the music. The angle was right… she was almost positive they weren’t just dancing. Siobhan continued pushing through the crowd but couldn’t tear her gaze away from the couple. Heat pooled in her belly and her nipples peaked beneath her black corset, rubbing against the stiff boning of the garment, making her catch her breath.

“Holy shit, girl, you so need to get fu… oof!” Her momentum was stopped by the brick wall she ran into.

What the hell was a brick wall doing in the middle of the dance floor? The impact knocked her back, but the brick wall had hands, and they reached out and stopped her momentum. Wait… hands? This brick wall was breathing.

She stared at the t-shirt covered chest in front of her face. Wow, this guy was tall.

“Dance with me?” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine as she lifted her gaze to see the face that went with that panty-drenching voice.

“Umm… can you dance?” She almost slapped her forehead. Did it matter if he could dance? His face definitely matched his voice. Her wings vibrated behind her with the force of her attraction to the dark Adonis standing over her. That was new, they’d never done that before. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear he was… Stories barely heard in whispers from long ago echoed through her head – stories of True Mates, of knowing that person once their skin touched yours. Nah, couldn’t be – those were just stories. Weren’t they?

“I can do whatever you want me to do.” His voice deepened even further, almost a growl that sent more heat shuddering through her.

Siobhan took a deep breath, and bit back a whimper when his scent - manly, and the spicy addition of feral male, wrapped around her. This couldn’t be happening. An obviously drunk dancer bumped into her side, knocking a bit of sense into her addled brain. She looked down at the long-fingered hands still gripping her upper arms. He was rubbing his thumbs up and down the sensitive skin of her inner arms. Goosebumps spread across her skin from the point of contact. Her already hard nipples pebbled further, throwing just a hint of pain in with the pleasure.

“How about letting me go?” Was that her voice? Since when did her voice sound so husky, so… seductive?

“Anything but that.” He grunted as another person slammed into his back. What the hell? Who slam-danced during a slow song? Despite the force of the other body careening into him, he barely moved. Impressive.

She looked him up and down, as well as she could from her closely held position to his body. He didn’t look particularly extraordinary, if she discounted his gorgeous face and stellar body. He wasn’t even wearing a costume that she could tell. He wore a battered brown leather bomber jacket over a plain white t-shirt, well-worn blue jeans that hung just right off his trim hips and a rather nice pair of biker boots. “So, what are you supposed to be?” she asked.

“I’m a werewolf.”

She snorted. “Is that right? Where’s all your fur?”

“It’s not a full moon… no fur unless it’s a full moon… or with extreme emotion. Otherwise, werewolves look just like everyone else.”

“Uh huh… convenient that.”

“Isn’t it though?” He held her a bit further away from his body and gave her just as thorough a perusal as she had given him. “I’m really liking the goth Faery look you have going. Those wings are awesome. Great costume.”

“Uh, yeah… it’s not a costume.” Her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe she’d told him that. She hadn’t ever let that one slip so easily past her lips.

“So… these are real, then?” He ran his calloused fingers up the edge of one of her wings.

Holy shit. She gasped as she felt his finger run along her clit. Her eyes widened as she sagged a bit in his grasp. She quickly gathered her wits and pulled her wing back away from his seductive touch. “Yanno, it’s considered harassment to touch a Faery’s wings without asking first.”

~~End of Part One~~
Author Note: This story is by both Kealie and I. It's really her idea and I sorta ran with it hand in hand with her. So give her the main kudos. Come back for Part Two. But I'll throw in some more eye candy. Can't not give you a few treats. Go to Kealie's blog. She's got the story as well as some treats of her own. And since this is her story, go give her love.

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