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WIP Thursdays

Ok, so I totally didn't get any further than opening and closing the document. Blech. Why blech? Cuz I have a cold and it sucks. Yup, sucks bad. I hate being sick. Makes it hard to think. Constantly running to get tissues. Ugh.

So WIP is on pause. I'll get to it this weekend when I get done being sick. I'm told sick is a state of mind--if you think you're well, you'll be well. Yeah, right.


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Tuesday Stud!

I so want this smoldering look aimed at me. :::Shivers:::

Hope you had a Happy Christmas and here's to a sexy, sweet New Year!!

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Saturday Hottie at the Menagerie

Saturday hottie time!! Want to see Gabriel Aubry? Then head to the Menagerie!!

But since it's Christmas, here's a sample.

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At the Menagerie Fridays

I'm over at the Menagerie today talking about Christmas Eve and tattling my shopping list! Come on over!

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WIP Thursdays

So I'm getting closer to being done with "Permanent". I have a couple scenes to flesh out a bit more and one scene to write the love scene.

River and Tory are ready for me to be done. Don't know that *I'm* ready to be done, cuz I love them both so much, but yeah, it's getting close to those immortal words...the end.

I haven't fiddled with the vampires yet. They're half done, but I'll get to them. I'm ready for Christmas to be here and to have fun celebrating. In fact, I thought, to celebrate the end of the year and the passing of time, I'd write a short for here on the blog.

Yeah, I think I will.

Ta! (Off to sketch out the idea for the short.)

Happy Christmas!!!

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Tueday Stud!!

Dunno if I used him already. Don't really care. I see that smile and melt. Just melt.

I just want to run my fingers through his hair and mess it up.

**le sigh**

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Eye Candy at the Menagerie

It's Saturday Hottie Day and I always forget to mention it here. So I'm gonna start. Click the banner and check out the Sexy Santas!

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At the Menagerie

Over at the Menagerie talking about paper, bows, and what I want for Christmas - join me!

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WIP Thursdays

Whew... I almost forgot about posting today. Lots of things going on and lots of wrapping paper floating around. And don't get me started on tape. I didn't think tape could possibly disappear as fast as it does.

WIP Thursday...

I'm still working on the M/M. Wendi's been reading it over and she seems to think it sounds good. We'll see. I had a name change for the story as the characters didn't like what I'd come up with to start with. It was originally titled "Yes, Mistress" but River and Tory informed me that, no, Mistress wasn't involved in this one as a main player. Oh, well...ok. Then it became "Somewhere In Time" because I'd started it from that short story I'd put on the blog not too long ago. Ah, but they didn't like that either because the story had evolved quite far from "S.I.T" (and they thought the shortening it to initials looks silly). So, I let it ride. Then the idea that River had spent time at The Dark Side Club a.k.a. The Darkness, so I titled it "On the Dark Side". River hated it. Tory was indifferent. Well, I chucked that title as well.

Wendi had told me a story about her vamps and how she listened to Storm to get his identity right (making him a vamp, not a simple human P.I.). So I thought, well, Tory, River, what do YOU want the story to be called?

Both men kinda stared at me for a moment and then at each other. River scooted back and folded his arms. Tory grinned. Now, Tory looks an awful lot like Matthew Morrison from gLee. Give him darker eyes and you've got a body match. And his grin is downright lethal. He says, "I told River, I'm permanent. So why not call it that?"


His brow furrowed. "Permanent."

And so the story had a final title.

I have a vampire story in progress, but I want to get this one really done before I throw myself into that one.

((Checking clock on cell phone)) Oy! I gotta go. I still need (to get that football helmet), no, I need to get stocking stuffers. (Can't tell what Christmas movie is my favorite, can you?)


Tomorrow I'm hanging out at The Menagerie. Come by and chatter with me!

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Tuesday Stud

Gotta love Tuesdays...

No just loosen the sporran a tick, let the plaid float to the floor...'scuse right a hour....couple days...

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Name Change!!!

I decided that Thursdays are going to become WIP days. You know, days to tell you about the WIP and what Kealie and I are working on. Keep in mind it's a little slow going, but it's going.

Anyway, my current work in progress is my boys. Yes, River and Tory. You met River in Yes, My Love and Somewhere In Time. Well, he's not done. But this time he and Tory are intent on making a go as a couple. Tory has done more talking to me and River's done a lot more shushing. Brat. Anyway, I hope to have the story done in early 2011 (like late January). We'll see. They've informed me the title will be Permanent. I like it.

I'm also working on a vampire story. Not shocked are you? I wouldn't be. He's a Dom and a vampire. She's been abused, but she also holds a secret. To add to the tension, someone wants her dead. I'm *hoping* to have this one done March-ish. According to Tristan, my hero, the title will be Need You Now. I'm intrigued.

Kealie and I are working hard on our stories as well and well, those should be ready sometime in 2011. That's the plan anyway. Keep your eyes open.

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At the Menagerie Talking Manlove!!!

I'm over at the Menagerie talking about writing a M/M story. Stop by and tell me what you think!

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Length or Girth

So technically I'm on vacation. The boys dragged me away - ok, it didn't take much - just sayin'. And you gotta admit, I got you snagged in with that post title. Don't lie. I know it did. (That was my point.)

All silliness aside, I wanted to pop on here and post a question. I'm in the midst (I'd like to say homestretch) of a short story and I keep wondering as I approach my anticipated word count (I plan to go over, but how much is up for debate), how short is too short?

I've read some stories that are say...6k that are fantastic. Sometimes it shocks me how darn much gets packed into 21 pgs. At the same time, I've read some 70k work that is equally fantastic. Again, a lot going into those 300 pgs, but what makes it better or not than the 6k one?

I ask this because my story is right about 5k at the moment. Not earth shattering, I know. (I said it's still under construction.) I'm a firm believer in the story will be the length its meant to be. You can probably make a 6k go on for 50k, but in the end is it worth it? I mean, did it just draw out the story for the sake of pages or was it really adding to the overall meat of the tale? I'll tell you, I've read some 60k stories I thought could've been pared down to 30k and it would've made the story better.

Which do you prefer or does it not matter as long as the story is tight? Short? Long? Good story make the length irrelevant?

I'm dying to know. Really.

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Friday Post - A Free Read!

Ok, so I goofed and forgot to post yesterday. Well, today is a thrifty suggestion. A Free Read! Yeah. I wrote it. Want to read it? Here's the awesome cover:

Want to read it? Sure! Here's the link at Whipped Cream Reviews! It's a temp link. I'll put the permanent link in as soon as I get it.

Read it. Enjoy it. Tell me what you think!

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Thrift Thursday

I totally had a great post planned for today, but when I saw this pic...which was Yes, Mistress...I had to post. How could I *not*?


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Thrift Thursday

If you're like me, you like saving a tick of cash. I mean, if you can make it stretch, why not? So, my suggestion for this new theme? You probably do it already, but some of us are well...challenged.

When it comes to buying ebooks, I am a cover whore. Oh yeah. I've bought some really crappy books because the cover drew me in. Thought the blurb had promise. Boy was I wrong. I've also passed on some books because the cover was IMHO awful. And yes, there are some truly bad covers.

So what do I suggest to help streamline? Go to review sites. Sure. Read the reviews on the books. Some people love those books with the hideous covers and you might find you do, too. Remember, reviews are opinions, so those will vary widely. I read one review where the reviewer slammed the book. Next review? Glowing. :)

Where are some? Glad you asked.

Whipped Cream Reviews

Dark Divas Reviews

Talking Two Lips Reviews

Night Owl Reviews

Manic Readers

Now go forth and read!

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Halloween Fun Part Twelve

Want the first two parts of the story? Go here, here, here, or here.

Part Three:

Siobhan opened her eyes as the bike coasted to a stop. The purr of the engine silenced. “Where are we?”

“My house. Christian Wolfe Manor.” He snorted. “It’s funny as shit being named after what you are.”

Dry sense of humor. Cute. She peered at the massive structure before her. “Manor? That’s a barn.”

“It’s renovated inside.”

“And you’re Christian Wolfe? The Christian Wolfe who makes all the charitable donations to the hospital and museums?”

“One and the same.”

“Doesn’t look like a dog house to me.”

“You push me, sweets.”

Mmm… more growling. Edging her shoulder up but not letting go of her hold on him, she shrugged and grinned. “It’s a gift.”

Christian stood and eased off the bike. She let her hands run down his sides and along his thighs as he stood and moved away from her. For such a large man, his grace confounded her. Siobhan gasped as he picked her up, wrapping her legs once again around his torso. “Much better.” With both hands splayed on her back, under her wings, he sat astride the bike. “Your fantasy, I believe.”

“How’d you...?”

“That pesky mate business.” He tugged the laces at the front of her corset. “I want to see mine in the moonlight.”

His? He knew before her? But he hadn’t even tasted her. How could he know I belong to him, when I’m not totally sure? “You haven’t kissed me yet.”

“I shall have to rectify that mistake… right… now.” Tilting her to him, he fused their lips and swallowed her groan. The abrasion of his stubble inflamed her skin, the pleasure overriding the momentary discomfort. She fisted her hands on the lapels of his jacket, pulling him tighter to her. Despite the chill in the air, her blood heated.

Breaking the kiss, she arched her back and bared her breasts to the heated gaze of the man in her arms.

“Mine,” Christian growled.

He took a beaded tip into his mouth. Electricity zinged through her veins and cream coated her pussy. She ground on his denim-clad crotch and shuddered. Her wet heat had long since soaked her panties and she could now feel it soaking his jeans as well. Her wings vibrated and stretched open.

“Need to fuck you.” He tugged at the black satin encasing her midsection. She thought she heard fabric tearing, but couldn’t bring herself to care. “No dress. Just boots.”

“Yes,” she gasped. Lost in heat, something niggled at the back of her mind. She was seriously tempted to ignore the annoying buzzing in her head. Instead, she stopped and tilted her head away from Christian’s rapacious mouth as he nipped and licked and sucked his way up her neck. Then it hit her. Damn, she needed a moment to work the spell! She placed her hand on his arm, pausing his frantic movements. “Watch.”

She waved her hand over her body, her clothes disappearing in an instant. “Handy, isn’t it?”

“Fuck me, that’s sexy.”

“I’m supposed to say that to you.” Siobhan worked open the buckle on his belt. “We need protection.”

“I can’t impregnate you, unless you’re lycan.”


“So the Elders say. Doesn’t mean we can’t practice.” Christian tweaked her nipple as his other hand caressed her nether lips, plunging two fingers into her pussy, with no resistance. “Tight and slick for me. I like that in a Faery.”

She arched against him, grinding down on the hand he had between her legs, whimpering when his thumb rubbed against her clit. As she rode his fingers, a sense of urgency washed over her. While she wanted to continue riding his fingers… she’d much rather ride his body. She tilted her head forward and pushed the sides of his jeans apart, revealing his cock. Her mouth watered at his girth. He’d rip her apart, but damn, it’d be a great way to go. Her wings opened and curled around then encasing his body as well as hers in the warm intimate space between them.

“That is so fucking cool!” he growled. “No more waiting. “ Christian yanked his fingers from her pussy, leaving her body bereft. He grasped her hips, lifted her enough that she was above his cock… trembling in expectation. He yanked her down onto his cock, spearing her with his erection. She tensed, expecting the tight fit. Instead, he eased into her body, inch by delicious inch. “My mate.” They were most definitely growls coming from him…

Siobhan clawed at his arms for purchase as he built the rhythm of their lovemaking. He lifted her up and down effortlessly. His strength turned her on and made her pant in need. The harder his thrusts became, the louder his growls grew. She gazed up into his eyes, flashes of silver and green sparkled in the dark depths. He opened his mouth and a sound akin to a howl burst from his lips. His teeth elongated. “Must claim you.”

Instinctively, she knew what he meant. She turned her head, waiting for the bite. The mark to serve as his claim on her for eternity. She winced as his fangs embedded in her flesh, but the pain eased into pleasure as her orgasm built. Her wings fluttered around them, both cooling them and capturing the magic in their lovemaking. He sucked the skin he held between his teeth, and that was the sensation that tossed her over the edge into pure bliss.

“Christian.” She moaned as the climax wracked her body. Shimmers of light and energy rocked through to her core and out into the night around them. His actions, once measured turned feral as he plunged harder into her pussy.


“No other’s.” She collapsed in his arms, her wings tight around them. Despite the dark wings blocking the cool night air, some still snuck through, chilling her sweat-soaked skin. Siobhan looked around her, the glaze of lust clearing a bit from her eyes. “I’m naked in your driveway. Not a good way to start a relationship.”

“I don’t care how it started, as long as you’re in my arms. You’re mine… Hell, I love you, sweets.”

She blinked and ran her fingers through the downy fur on his chest. No matter how sudden, that was the way of True Mates. “I’m kinda fond of you, too.”

“Fond?” More of that sexy growling!

A shiver chased down her spine. “How about completely head over heels in love with a Wolfe?” She leaned forward and nipped his collarbone.


~~End of Story~~
Author Note: Did you enjoy? Did you want to know more? Then thank Kealie and I'll see if I can cajole her into writing more. Hey, don't knock a hit, yanno? Go to Kealie's blog, too and give her love.

Halloween Fun - Part Eight!

Want to read part one? Click here or here.
And now on to Part Two:

“Is that so? Somehow, I don’t think you minded all that much.” He tilted his head until his nose was pressed against the side of her neck and inhaled. “I can smell how much that turned you on. God, you smell good.”

That was definitely a growl she heard this time. Maybe the werewolf thing wasn’t so far-fetched. He lifted his head and she caught the glint of a supernatural glow in his eyes before he closed them and took another deep breath, seeming to savor the scent he took in. Yup, definitely not… human. Why was she surprised? She couldn’t be the only non-human masquerading this night.

He leaned in and murmured against her ear. “Will your wings close around us when we fuck?” He nipped her ear.

“Maybe,” she murmured. Her common sense said to slow things the fuck down. Her libido, out for what seemed like a year-long lunch break screamed ‘Fuck him already’.

“Let’s go.”

It wasn’t a question. He grabbed her hand, escorting her away from the crowd. People blurred by as he elbowed open the kitchen door. At the threshold to the back door, Siobhan planted her feet. He might think he could run things with other people. Not her. She wouldn’t just blithely follow him wherever he led… she didn’t care how hot he made her.

“You stopped.” He turned and cocked his head. His lip lifted and she caught the slightest glint of fang at the corner of his mouth.

She should’ve gotten the shivers again. Should’ve been scared of him. She glanced at his hands. One would swallow hers—strike, his mitts swallowed both her hands. A thought popped into her head...if his hands are that big then the rest of him is huge. Holy hell. He’d rip her apart.

“I won’t hurt you.” A quick, boyish grin full of mischief flashed across his face. “At least no more than you want me to.”

She narrowed her eyes and studied his jaw. Just the right hint of five o’clock shadow marred the tanned skin. It would feel amazing as it rasped across her much softer skin. She stepped into him and smoothed her hands under his jacket. Six pack abs. Nice. But there was the tiny issue of his reading her mind. Only True Mates had such a connection. And she wasn’t moving until she knew. Her libido screamed in protest. Dammit… we haven’t had our hands on someone this hot in a long time. Just fuck him! You know he’ll make it hurt so good.

“How do you know how I feel?” She fisted her hands on his chest, bunching the soft white cotton, fighting her own arousal until she had some answers. “I didn’t say anything about harm.”

“It’s radiating from you. I feel what you feel.” He inched closer, his lips a whisper away from hers. “You’re afraid I’ll do something to hurt you. I don’t break wills or bones… but I might bend them a bit.” He ran his hand along her wing, again sending a shudder through her body as she felt it in places his hands weren’t even touching.

“You’re hot as hell, but creeping me the fuck out.” And turning me on.

“Come with me. No touching unless you ask.” He brushed his fingertips over her cheek. His breath fanned over her skin. “I’m at the end of the block. If you want to leave, you won’t be far from your friends, but I’ll give my life to keep you safe.”

Concerned, kind, and sexy. Damn. Willing to die for her? Score. Her instincts were screaming that he’d never harm her… unnecessarily. Her decision made she looked past him and out the door. “Do you ride a bike or just sport leather to look cool?”

His eyes twinkled and the beginning of a smirk twitched on the corner of his mouth. “Find out.”

“Show me.”

She nodded to the door. If this guy, whatever his name was, really was who she’d been waiting so long for… how could she pass this chance up? Warmth wrapped around her heart combined with something she’d not felt in a long time. Not just lust. Sure, there was a lot of that - the man oozed sex from every pore, but it was something deeper. He didn’t ask her to take off her wings. Didn’t laugh when they stretched and look for wires. Didn’t even blink when she said Faery.

He held out his hand again. Without a second thought, she slid her palm into his and followed him to the street. Bathed in white light from the streetlamp sat a motorcycle, but not just any cycle. A gorgeous, vintage Harley. “That’s your bike?” She strode to the machine and caressed the butter soft leather seat. “Oh, wow. She’s gotta be from the fifties, at least.”

“1950 on the money. Harley Davidson FL Panhead - Rebuilt her myself.” He caressed the back of her neck with his hand – much the same as she was stroking his bike - brushing against the fine, short hairs beneath her hairline. She arched into the touch, practically purring. Siobhan wondered idly if he would eat her if she purred for him. “You like her better than me?”

Siobhan gasped. Like the bike? Yeah. Better than him? The vision of him straddling the machine as she straddled his lap facing him formed in her mind. Not necessarily better than him… but she could sure live out some fantasies on this baby. She shuddered, and wondered why she even bothered to wear panties… this pair was soaked.

“With your wings around us,” he whispered . It took her a moment to realize he’d read her thoughts again.

“Tell me your name, then take me home.” She peered up at him the moment the words left her mouth. He said he lived down the block. Not them. She sure hoped she wouldn’t’ have to make nice with some roommate when all she wanted was to pounce and ride her wolf into oblivion.

“Christian.” His eyes flashed again as he straddled the bike. With a small nod, he motioned her to sit behind him. Siobhan kicked up over the seat and settled against his back. She bit her bottom lip, and stifled a laugh. Getting on the bike, she’d most likely mooned the entire neighborhood. Maybe no one was looking. Then again, the short skirt gave her more range of cuddle closer to him. She pulled her legs up to wrap them around his waist. His low grumbling growl vibrated against her chest, her nipples peaked further and rubbed shamelessly against his back in appreciation.

Awareness hit hard as he started up the bike. The rumble reminded her of waking a slumbering beast. The throb of the mechanical beast between her legs was rivaled only by the man in front of her. She swayed a bit, stomach muscles clenching as they roared down the street. This man, wolf, whatever he was, touched parts of her long thought to be dead inside. The ancients hadn’t lied. A True Mate could be found within one fleeting touch. And here she had him tight in her grasp — well almost. She could barely get her arms around his steely torso, not that she was in any position to complain. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against his back as the wind rushed through her hair and flowed over her wings. Heaven.

~~End Part Two~~

Author Note: Want to read the first part? Visit new places? Just plain have fun? Visit Kealie's Blog. I'm tellin' ya, she had a great idea for this story. Now go give her some love. I will.

Halloween Fun Part Six

“Wow, Jerusha sure knows how to throw a party! Don’t you think?”

The loud voice at her ear made Siobhan jump and spin to confront her friend, Wanda. The tall, slender woman arched back out of the way, barely avoiding the leading edge of one of Siobhan’s black, bat-like wings.

“Hey, watch it. You could take someone’s eyes out with those things.” Wanda glared playfully at Siobhan.

In return Siobhan grinned and continued to dance among the crush of people on the dance floor. She looked around at the many and varied costumes throughout the room and felt her smile widen. She loved this time of year. Whoever all these people were, they had great imagination when it came to costumes. She chuckled as a woman dressed as Little Bo Peep pulled a hulking man dressed as a sheep along behind her by a pink ribbon. He didn’t look like he minded too much… he was too busy trying to get his hands up her ruffled skirt. A couple dressed as those blue-skinned aliens from that popular science fiction movie danced by. Yet again, the guy had his hands all over the girl.

Siobhan sighed as the music changed from a hard pounding rhythm to a slow and sultry number designed to seduce. People paired off, and she was left standing alone in the middle of them. A couple dressed like those people from Oktoberfest in brown and green lederhosen brushed past her. Cute. They were so wrapped up in each other, it made her jealous. Everyone had someone. Everyone but her.

Her shoulders slumped and her wings drooped along her arms. Heaving another sigh she pushed through the dancers around her and tried to make her way to the edge of the crowd. She was distracted by a couple that were pretty much going at it on the floor. The woman’s leg was wrapped around the man’s thigh and his hips bumped and ground against hers to the beat of the music. The angle was right… she was almost positive they weren’t just dancing. Siobhan continued pushing through the crowd but couldn’t tear her gaze away from the couple. Heat pooled in her belly and her nipples peaked beneath her black corset, rubbing against the stiff boning of the garment, making her catch her breath.

“Holy shit, girl, you so need to get fu… oof!” Her momentum was stopped by the brick wall she ran into.

What the hell was a brick wall doing in the middle of the dance floor? The impact knocked her back, but the brick wall had hands, and they reached out and stopped her momentum. Wait… hands? This brick wall was breathing.

She stared at the t-shirt covered chest in front of her face. Wow, this guy was tall.

“Dance with me?” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine as she lifted her gaze to see the face that went with that panty-drenching voice.

“Umm… can you dance?” She almost slapped her forehead. Did it matter if he could dance? His face definitely matched his voice. Her wings vibrated behind her with the force of her attraction to the dark Adonis standing over her. That was new, they’d never done that before. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear he was… Stories barely heard in whispers from long ago echoed through her head – stories of True Mates, of knowing that person once their skin touched yours. Nah, couldn’t be – those were just stories. Weren’t they?

“I can do whatever you want me to do.” His voice deepened even further, almost a growl that sent more heat shuddering through her.

Siobhan took a deep breath, and bit back a whimper when his scent - manly, and the spicy addition of feral male, wrapped around her. This couldn’t be happening. An obviously drunk dancer bumped into her side, knocking a bit of sense into her addled brain. She looked down at the long-fingered hands still gripping her upper arms. He was rubbing his thumbs up and down the sensitive skin of her inner arms. Goosebumps spread across her skin from the point of contact. Her already hard nipples pebbled further, throwing just a hint of pain in with the pleasure.

“How about letting me go?” Was that her voice? Since when did her voice sound so husky, so… seductive?

“Anything but that.” He grunted as another person slammed into his back. What the hell? Who slam-danced during a slow song? Despite the force of the other body careening into him, he barely moved. Impressive.

She looked him up and down, as well as she could from her closely held position to his body. He didn’t look particularly extraordinary, if she discounted his gorgeous face and stellar body. He wasn’t even wearing a costume that she could tell. He wore a battered brown leather bomber jacket over a plain white t-shirt, well-worn blue jeans that hung just right off his trim hips and a rather nice pair of biker boots. “So, what are you supposed to be?” she asked.

“I’m a werewolf.”

She snorted. “Is that right? Where’s all your fur?”

“It’s not a full moon… no fur unless it’s a full moon… or with extreme emotion. Otherwise, werewolves look just like everyone else.”

“Uh huh… convenient that.”

“Isn’t it though?” He held her a bit further away from his body and gave her just as thorough a perusal as she had given him. “I’m really liking the goth Faery look you have going. Those wings are awesome. Great costume.”

“Uh, yeah… it’s not a costume.” Her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe she’d told him that. She hadn’t ever let that one slip so easily past her lips.

“So… these are real, then?” He ran his calloused fingers up the edge of one of her wings.

Holy shit. She gasped as she felt his finger run along her clit. Her eyes widened as she sagged a bit in his grasp. She quickly gathered her wits and pulled her wing back away from his seductive touch. “Yanno, it’s considered harassment to touch a Faery’s wings without asking first.”

~~End of Part One~~
Author Note: This story is by both Kealie and I. It's really her idea and I sorta ran with it hand in hand with her. So give her the main kudos. Come back for Part Two. But I'll throw in some more eye candy. Can't not give you a few treats. Go to Kealie's blog. She's got the story as well as some treats of her own. And since this is her story, go give her love.

Halloween Fun Part Four

It's a fun and sexy read, sure to please. And let me know if you like it. Over at the Menagerie! I'll have pix there, too.

Check back. The Halloween fun isn't over. Not by a long shot!

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Over at the Menagerie... see what I'm up to today since I keep forgetting to blog!

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I took the Somewhere In Time over to the Menagerie. Stop by there if you want to read it again or just to say hi! I'd love to see you there.

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A nothing post

I wanted to write the second part (well, third) of River's story, but he's being particular. Ever have that happen? You have the TIME to write, the DESIRE to write, but the darned old characters decide, no, they don't want to play.

:::Grumble, grumble::::

I'm giving him space right now, but I tell you, if he pulls this again, he's on moderation... darned men anyway...

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Somewhere In Time

I hung my head in shame. My mistress, the woman who made me burn, wanted someone else. Three days prior she told me she wasn't in love with me.

I felt abandoned.

I sat on the couch with a bottle of beer, hoping to drown my sorrows in a football game or maybe a MMA fight. No luck.

As I pouted--and no, I don't like to admit I pout--Tory walked in. Tossing his bag on the floor behind the sofa, he headed to the kitchen. I know his routine as if it were my own. I've lived with the guy for three years. For a while I thought Mistress might be the one to make me move out. The one to offer my heart. Fat lot of good that did. She stomped on my still-beating heart with her stiletto heel and laughed. "You'll find someone who can love you the way you need. I found mine."

I fisted my hand around the bottle. Dwelling on the past wasn't doing me any good.

"You watchin' that? Or you just rubbin' one off?"

I closed my eyes. Trust Tory to think I'd been jacking off to damn fight. Sure, I liked to see sweaty guys beating the shit out of each other. Even better when it ended in bed, but that was beside the point.

"So what's the verdict?" Tory plopped down next to me, tapping his bottle of suds against mine. "To hell with women?"

I stared at him a moment. Tory McClellan wasn't the type of guy to swear off chicks. Hell, women practically fell at his feet. As he appraised me with his amber eyes, I swore my body temperature kicked up a thousand degrees. His lips parted as he brought the bottle to his mouth. What did he taste like? I glanced down at the bulge in his jeans. I'd seen him stroll out of the shower plenty enough to know he wasn't lacking. He made me look small. I wanted to lick his abs. Just follow the solid curves until I ended up at the pleasure trial of hair leading to his cock. Was he top? Or did he like to share? Hell, would he freak if I made an advance?


Jerked from my more than a bit too personal appraisal of his body, I stared at him. "Huh?"

"I've waited a long time for my turn." He closed the gap between us until our noses touched. "It's hard to hold back. Ask me. I'll tell you anything you want to know."

I opened my mouth to reply. To tell him I had no idea what he wanted me to say. Instead, I fused my lips to his. The guttural moan erupting from his throat spurred me on. His hand fisted in the sleeve of my T-shirt. I scooted closed until his knee bumped mine. Holy fuck.

The more I tasted him, the more I wanted from him. I cupped his jaw, the rough stubble prickling my palm.

Tory broke the kiss long enough to click off the television. "Take off my shirt."

I didn't think. I acted. We'd talked once or twice about my need to be dominated. Apparently, he'd listened. I yanked the hem of his shirt up over his head and tossed the discarded clothing into the hallway. His nipples beaded. Cold air? Or my heated gaze? I wasn't sure.

"Taste me."

Yes, sir. I feathered kisses over his jaw, rubbing my chest against his. With a gentle, but firm nudge, he directed me to his pecs. I loved the firm texture of male nipples. Women are soft and forgiving. Men's are more sensitive and need more care. His fingers twined into my hair, tugging the strands. Yes, I needed the pleasure pain. To know I was responsible for his enjoyment.

"Fuck...want to fuck you."

I smiled up at him as I unbuttoned his jeans. I'd dreamt of swallowing his cock, taking him deep in my mouth and loving him until he lost control. I worked his jeans and boxers down his hips, relishing the dick before me. Talk about endowment. If he modeled nude, he'd be a millionaire. I licked my lips.

"No more teasing."

I grinned again and took him as far as I could into my mouth. The man tasted like velvet covered steel. I groaned and stroked his sac, searching for his asshole. Oh yeah, I wanted him to remember my name.

I pumped his cock, taking him deep and using suction as I withdrew. His hips bucked under my ministrations. I released his cock long enough to spit on my fingers. I had no idea if he'd the double action, but hey, never said I wasn't up for a challenge. I eased one slick digit into the pucker of his ass, stroking the tense ring of muscle as I mouth fucked his cock.

"River!" Tory slammed into me, pushing me to take him to my limit. A tiny part of me wanted to back away, to say this is my best friend and not a fly-by-night boyfriend.

His panted breath blotted out my rational thought. I needed to have him.

"Fuck, River." His eyes closed and he jerked forward. Hot seed spilled onto my tongue and down my throat. Salty and a little sweet. Pure heaven. Tory added a couple extra thrusts and released his grip on my head.

I sucked on my bottom lip, licking every last drop of him. I wasn't sure what to do next. With Mistress, I'd still be in shackles. With other men, they'd fall asleep. The hunger burning in Tory's eyes didn't hint to slumber.

"What do we do now?" The confidence I'd demonstrated not five minutes earlier evaporated. If he told me to get the fuck out, I probably would. I sat back on my haunches waiting his answer.

"She's gone?"

I nodded. "Left me for another man."

"Good. I couldn't hold back for much longer." He held open his arms, inviting me onto his lap. "You're a special man, River. I've wanted you since the moment I saw you. I hoped, somewhere in time, you'd see I wanted more than the friendship. I wanted to love you--just you."

I swayed on his thighs, shocked by his confession and comforted. The attraction was mutual. I wasn't sure what I felt was bone-deep love, but in many ways, yeah, I loved Tory more than I could imagine.

He caressed my cheek, smoothing circles along my temple. "You're going to stay?"

"As long as you want me."

"Then plan on forever."

Who needed mistresses anyway?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Why or Why Not?

I posed my question about dirty movie preferences over at the Menagerie. Maybe someone will answer my question. It's worth a shot.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Influences You?

Does your music influence your writing?

Mine does.

There are certain bands I listen to if I want to get into the mood to write an action scene and certain ones I put in the playlist if I want to write a sexy scene. I don't necessarily use the words I hear, but rather run with the feeling the music evokes.

Think about it. If you listen to a slow, maudlin classical piece, it may evoke a depressing mood and make it easier to channel an empathetic feeling. If you listen to something like the 1812 Overture, I'm guessing it'll make you think danger, danger, (will robinson) run away!

Have you ever heard a particular song and it just made you And then a story idea comes to you? It could be a simple line in the song, like ...already gone... You just have to write the story.

I have.

Speaking of tunes, mine are on and my brain's working overtime. And since the boys are asleep for now... I'm off to write.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Can a Man but a Woman Can't?

I happened to be watching television a week or so ago and happened on a movie about a couple of gay men. I stopped on the channel because I caught a glimpse of one of the guys. He was cute--a bit young for me--but cute nonetheless. I continued watching the movie and found the scenes where the guys kissed, touched and so forth....interesting. I mean, the guys were hot and totally into what they were doing. The confidence and desire was sexier than just looking an nicely built guys.

It got me thinking.

If a guy can be turned on by "two girls going at it" then what's to say I can't find two men engaged in an--how shall I put this--amorous entanglement sexy?

From my time reading and working in the romance genre, I can tell you that many women write M/M romance and the biggest readership for M/M romance? Women.

Piqued, I asked the boys. I mean, they are my partners and they don't get into getting it on with each other, so I figured they'd be honest with me. Funny thought, that.

All three turned a beautiful shade of crimson and stumbled all over their words. Confused me greatly. They liked to watch girls who may or may not be lesbian have sex. Two girls and one guy? Even better. Hell, the boys all play with me when we play, so I'd think that M/F/M/M/ shouldn't bother them.

Apparently when it's just guys, it bothers them.

So my question, and yes I want to know what you think, is why is it perfectly fine for men to watch and lust after two women having sex in front of them, but if its the reverse--a woman watching lustfully as two men go at it, it's considered 'wrong on so many levels'?

Monday, August 9, 2010

She's On Vacay...

Megan says she and the boys went on a mini-vacation. Now you tell me... the three of them are vampires. Where the heck can they really go? It's not like they're gonna hang out on the beach.

Oh well.

She asked me to post a hottie. Um... ok.

Is it bad that the first thing that came to mind was, don't get that car soap on your junk. It could sting.

I'm warped, but you prolly guessed that by the company I keep.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Yes, My Love

Love means never having to say you're sorry, doesn't it? I don't agree.

When I said I needed a break, she couldn't believe it. "Men don't need breathers. They can last all night."

"But you wore me out."

She cocked a brow and straightened her shoulders as she rose from the bed. The ice in her gaze spoke louder than anything she might say. She stood and strode from the room, the click of her boots echoing on my hardwood floor.

I screwed up. Pissing off a mistress isn't the thing to do, and yet I did. Dammit.

I wasn't sure if she left. Once her footsteps reached the carpet, the silence became deafening. I wanted to please her, to make her come all night. Instead, I let thoughts of work enter my mind. I forgot about how I wanted to worship her in favor of figures and tallies. I caressed the heavy chain of silver around my neck. My collar. Hell, I wasn't even sure I'd told her I loved her.

What to do next? She hated when I crawled. "I want a man to walk proud in front of me." How could I be proud of fucking up?

I sighed. If she remained, I'd beg, saying the only words in my heart. I made my way to the living room straining for any sign she might still be there. I couldn't call to her. Or could I? If she sat in the living room, she'd want to punish my disobedience. My cheeks flamed; I needed to be naughty.


As I entered the living room, the glow of a single candle illuminated her body. Her flaxen hair kissed her shoulders and her taut nipples peeked over the top of the demi-bra a she leaned forward. "Yes, River?"

I bowed my head, knowing I'd overstepped my boundaries. "Permission to speak, Mistress?"


I folded my hands behind my back. "I wish to serve you."

"And your belligerence?"

"Punish me?"

"I intend to." With steps as sure and soft as a kitten, she crossed the room. Her breath tickled my bare chest as she cupped my chin. "Sit on the bench with your back to me until I tell you to come."

"Yes, Mistress." How could she do this to me? No spanking? No further commands? I perched on the bench with my face to the wall. The humiliation. Sat in the corner like a child.

"You are beautiful when you are repentant." She stroked the muscles of my back, her nails scraping my skin. "Why do you think I sat you here?" She sighed. "You work too hard. I expect some of the stress to come home with you, but not all."

"Yes, Mistress."

She sat down next to me, pulling me into her embrace. "Enough play for one night."

Was it horrible for a man to break down? I didn't cry, but the sincerity and empathy in her voice cut through me. I buried my face against her neck.

She slipped her hand into mine. "Come to be and we'll talk."

I gazed into her green eyes, losing myself for a moment. "And then more play?"

A smile kinked her lips. "Yes, love."

Dunno if you liked this little story, but when I saw the picture, I had to write something to go along with it. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whips and Chains and Sparkly Things

So I needed a post for today... my dear friend Kealie asked me what some of my favorite things are. Duh... whips, chains, and sparkly things.

You already know about my fascination with the boys, so that's not new information. But they do each have these nice little collars, made of platinum chain with little locks. Ah, do they sparkle.

As for the whips, those are on my wall. I'd show you the collection, but you'd be jealous.

But alas, (didn't think I knew how to talk like that, didja?) the boys want my attention. They're begging so prettily, so I think I might have to peruse my collection.

Oh boys...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Ghost Hunter is more done than not!

I wanted to post an update since I am so derelict. Hee hee.

First: I joined Facebook. I wasn't gonna, but Kealie talked me into it. Why not? So, you can find me on Facebook. I even managed to put the button on my blog here. I'm doing fabulous.

And since I'm on a roll, my ghost hunter story, Careless Whisper is 3/4 of the way done. Yup, I have the rest of it figured out and once I get five minutes to write, I'm going to get moving on it. I've wanted to work on them, but time... sheesh. Seems like no matter how much I try to slow down long enough to write, something happens.

Oh well. It happens.

Back to the boys. Seems they finally woke up. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

So I Suck... Well, Not Really...

I've been derelict in so much lately. Why? Been busy.

I'd love to say it's because I have this wonderful MS done and ready to sub, or better yet because I had one accepted. Sorry. Not today.

I have the stories in my head. Not a very good place for them. And I have some started, but started and submitted are two way different things.

So, I decided I suck. Well, not really... the boys do, to be honest, but we'll keep that quiet.

Since I'm in the doldrums and I wanted a pick me up (I could look at the boys, but they're asleep..and tho they are handsome when prone, I like them best in action.), here's some of my fave tattooed eye candy.

Ta ta!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ever Have that Story just STUCK on your Mind?

Ever have that story just stuck there, you can't get it out, and you don't have time to write it down?

I'm so there.

I got swamped at work today and naturally, the next part of my vampire story AND my ghost story popped into my head. So I spent the morning with Dane and Ryan arguing in my mind as to who has the most important story and who will get theirs told first. And let me tell you, you do not want a ghost investigator and a vampire Dom arguing.

I have a headache.

Am I writing right now?

Um, not exactly. I'm blogging. I know you're rolling your eyes. It happens.

Oh and this is sooo not fair.

This weekend is the big Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together down in Cincinnati. Go figure. I have to work while my bff's Wendi and Chris get to go.

Not fair.

I hope they bring me back cool pics and goodies. They'd better or I'll sic the boys on them.

Wait, no... they'd like that too much.... I'll think of something.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Ghosties

I was inspired to use my Ghosties encounter at the store with the digital voice recorder guy and write a story about a Ghost explorer. I know, I'm still working on my vampire story. I tend to have fifteen things going on at once.
Anyway, in honor of that idea, here's some Ghostie Luscious Scenery.

And no, Zak (from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures) is not the idea or the inspiration for Ryan, my Ghost Explorer. Ryan's not that tall.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ghosties Do Exist

They boys bugged me to do this, so I will. This is a true story, which is what makes it even odder.

I went to buy a digital voice recorder to prove that ghosts exist and do talk to us. I get to the store and it's raining, so my normally stylish coif is plastered to my head. Yeah, I was going for all-out sexy in a drowned cat fashion. Anyway, so I get to the location of the recorders, and the salesman stops me. This was our conversation. (And Kealie will vouch for me)

Salesman (Who was hot BTW): Can I get you anything?

MS: I came here for a digital voice recorder. This one. But it says the thing is on sale. Can you check?

SM: Sure. (He goes to check it on the computer.) How you doing today?

MS: I'm wet, cuz it's raining.

SM: True. What'cha want this for?

MS: To listen to ghosts.

SM: (Shaking his head) You know ghosts don't exist?

(At this point, the boys--when I told them--were furious, because being vampires, they know all the undead and ghosties and so forth do so exist.)

MS: (I looked him square in the eye.) Then YOU tell them that.

SM was stunned and hurriedly got his manager to assure me the price was the sale price. So we go to the register to check out. Now a person I know stops me and tells me she liked my free stories, but was Slayer my real name. Duh. Apparently, seeing my credit card, SM decided he needed to speak again -- you know, dealing with the transaction.

SM: What nationality is that?

MS: I'm part Irish and part vampire, but don't tell anyone about the Irish part. They tend to talk.

Again I got that blank stare. I dunno. Maybe he's never heard of Irish people before.

What do you think?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Story and Explanation

I've been away. I know, and it seems like forever since I've stopped here to yak. Trust me, you are all missed. Things get in the way and no matter how hard you try to get where you need to go, about fifteen different forks show up in the road.

Anyway, here is my treat to you: over at Whipped Cream, I am the free read author this week. Pretty cool, eh? Yup. It's my very first first person POV story too. And it's from the male sub's pov. The boys helped me a bit on it... you know, researching. Hee hee. Here's the temp link:


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ever Had That Itch?

Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that kind of an itch. I meant, the itch to do something? You write something totally out of your element? I'm dying to write the M/M story in my head. Yup. I have no idea what it would be like to be them, but they keep telling me to tell their story. Of course, I need time to sit down and write the blasted thing, but hey. It'll come.

For now I think I'll go back to twiddling with my vampire. He's got his girl ready for a good spanking... and she's not complaining a bit.

Ta ta!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thought I'd Give a Gift...

Mysti says she's still looking for a Cabana Boy...

How about him?

His name is Miguel.

I think he'd do quite nicely.

What do you think?

(Oh and go check out my post over at Menagerie Authors... you won't want to miss it.)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want to Win Prizes? Hunt for Eggs with LASR 3/31-4/3/2010!

Spring is in the air and we would like you to join The Long and Short of It Romance Reviewws on an Easter egg hunt.

Prizes include*:
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How can you enter?

Easy—Each of our author sponsors has hidden ONE of the below eggs on their site.
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Your entry is your acknowledgement that you are at least 18 years-old at the time of this contest.

For all winners outside the US and Canada, an eBook of our choice will be substituted for any print book prizes.

Please note: Books are typically sent via uninsured Media Mail. Neither LASR nor the authors can be held liable for items lost in the mail.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So What?

I took a little me time and realized I forgot about poor Gerard. I had to lend him out for a bit, but yanno, I just got lonely for him. Yes, so three cabana boys might be a bit much from some women. I think I'm good. I mean, look at those eyes and abs and.... I'll be right back...


Friday, March 19, 2010

Over at Menagerie again

I'm yakking over at the menagerie again. Well it is a Friday gig...

Come join me!

It's fun to walk on the wild side.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Introductions are a P***er

I love to talk about me. I do. But getting into a new situation can be a PITA.

Not today. Today I'm over at the Menagerie Authors blog!

Hell yeah. Check it out and hang out with our wild women.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Got a New Gig!

Now I'm not going away, but I wanted to tell y'all I got a new gig with the Menagerie Authors. Yessir, they wanted a wild woman to add to the group and decided I'd fit in just fine.

What do I think?

It's flippin' cool.

So for the better part of the week, I'll be here at my own blog or visiting Wendi's blog (cause she's my girl), or working on my WIP's. On Fridays, It's All-Megan-All-the-Time on the Menagerie Authors Blog. I make my debut in a couple of days. Hope to see you there!

Right now, I'm going to go back to my unruly characters and my Cabana Boys. Luke and Gerard get so testy sometimes when they feel neglected.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Inexpensive Promo... How? Become a Reviewer, Darling.

FAQ's about reviewing for The Long and the Short of It

Are the reviewers paid?

Not in actual currency--all reviewers are strictly volunteers. BUT: you get to keep all the books you review--both eformat and print (some of which may be autographed). We also have an incentive program that includes gift certificates, free books from our library, free advertising and more.

What type of books does The Long and the Short of It review?

We review short stories and full length novels with strong romantic elements -- both erotic and non-erotic. We do plan on adding other genres in the future.
Do I have to review erotic romance? Can I only review erotic romance?

You're welcome to review whatever you like -- you're the one who chooses what you review! If you only enjoy sci-fi romance, that's what you may select. If you prefer inspirational, then you may review only inspirational. If you only like erotic romance... go for it! We never assign reviews.
What do you expect from your reviews?

Our reviews are positive (no snark allowed), honest (yes, you can mention things you didn't care for as long as the overall review is a good one), casual and conversational. It is also critical and informative. Don't just tell us you liked something, tell us why as specifically as possible.
We don't like to give away too much plot, but you can give a brief summary and then make your points about theme, character, style, etc. Your sample reviews should follow the length, style, tone of the site --- that's why the best thing to do before reviewing is to thoroughly read the reviews and features on our sites.
Our reviews usually run 250-500 words, but can be longer (preferably not too much shorter).
Do you require your reviewers to read a certain number of books per month?

We request you read/review a minimum of 2 books or short stories per month -- though we welcome it if you read more! You may review books from our requests database or books you've purchased or borrowed on your own.
Is there a turnaround time for a review to be written?

We prefer that all reviews are completed within 1 month of requesting the story/book. There are always exceptions, but that is our standard guideline.
Are the reviews edited?

All reviews go through a basic editing process. Our editors will change or correct any poor grammar, sentence structure, etc., while remaining true to the original review's content. If any more in-depth changes are needed, you'll be contacted by an editor requesting said changes.
Are International reviewers welcome?

Provided they are comfortable with writing in English, yes. Of course, only eBooks will be offered for them to review due to postage costs.
I'm sold! How do I apply?

If you are interested in reviewing for us, please send us an email with a sample book review of a title you've recently read and enjoyed. Please feel free to take a look at our reviews to get an idea of what we're looking for in a review.
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Note: All reviews written for The Long and the Short of It are not to be used for/on any other review website.